30 January 2014

Cultural Genogram

One of our classes this semester is Multicultural Art Therapy.  So, we are learning to be more culturally competent so that we can better help clients from all different backgrounds!  Part of being able to better help others is to better understand yourself.  We are writing a paper about our cultural genogram - it is supposed to talk about our family's culture and how it has impacted us as people and how it will impact us as therapist.  

The green part represents my military time and the words in the part represent the military influences on my life.   The yellow is professional influences. The Orange is organizational influences and the red is societal influences.  I made it all a spiral because I felt like it all mixes up together to result in me at the very center (the pink).  I am pretty sure that this is the complete opposite of what my teacher expects as far as the art goes - we had an article that described a certain way to do this type of art but I ignored it (not surprising, I often do my own thing).   I just hope she accepts it.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Love this! It makes sense to my left brain. Good luck!!