23 January 2014

Late Christmas

On my birthday and Christmas I got gift cards.  I kept them both because I always want to make sure that I use gift cards for something really good - something worth it.  So, anyways, my upcoming cruise helped me decide to what to get.  I got a new piece of luggage:

I needed something in between my big one and my small one.

I also got a new camera:

My old one has some lens trouble and the battery is completely dead.  This new one is waterproof up to 33 feet so I won't have to worry about it getting splashed on during my cruise and if we go snorkeling I can take photos!  It also is supposed to be drop proof (7 feet) and stand up to extreme temperatures... I thought this would be good since I am hoping to do more traveling later this year.


  1. Wise choices!! My camera uses AA batteries. I just put in the Duracell Quantums. We'll see how that goes. Where/when is your cruise?

    1. Trece,

      The cruise is 7-10 Feb and goes to the Bahamas (where I have never been before!!).