30 May 2013

Day 6 & 7 of Vacation

So, again, we did a lot on day 6 but I did not do the best job taking photos.  We went to Apalachicola for the day.  We went to all the cute little antique and souvenir shops.  I took a picture with a rather large Indian:

We had lunch at a local restaurant where I got to try a fish I had never tried before:

It was good - especially the Plantains!  They had optional table art:

We also got some locally made soap w/ natural sponge:

Mine still smells super awesome.  We did go to the beach that evening too.

The next day was our day to check out of the hotel.  We stopped at the local Estuary though so we could learn about the native animals!!  We got to see this whale spine:

Isn't that awesome?  And a Turtle skeleton:

Kinda creepy.  And a scary alligator:

After this little museum we headed back home to Tallahassee.  

I finished up my travel art journal entries that evening....but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to show the pages to you!  Thanks for stopping by.  "See" ya soon.  

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