30 May 2013

New AJ Cover

After our spring semester journal swap (more like a round robin, but that is semantics) the class asked me to continue with these swaps for the remainder of our time in school!  So, some of us are currently taking Human Sexuality and it is a 6 week class.  I decided that we would do a mini-swap during that class and then a big one for the rest of summer semester!  Anyways - my spring semester journal was almost full so I decided that I needed a new journal.  I decided to use a re-purposed book that I had only made a few pages in.

I felt like I needed to decorate the cover before I handed it off to the person that was going to work in ... so, here it is:

The book was titled "spiritual voyages" but I changed it to "art journal voyages!"  Inside I painted some pages and gessoed a lot and removed quite a few since it was a very skinny book (small spine) to start with.

I am really looking forward to seeing the art that my classmates create inside of this book!

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  1. Awesome job! I'm so glad you're playing along with me.