18 May 2013

Little Sin

Ok this is a journal page that just kinda came together all of a sudden.  I had the card catalogue card for a book (in french?) on prostitution.  Then I had this image of the lady looking all sex related... so I knew I wanted to use them, but inspiration took a long time to come to me.  The other day I was listening to music and making art and an older song came on.  I say older, but really its from like 1998ish - does that make the song old? or me?  Anyways, The song was Little Sin by the toadies.. and the following page happened:

I like how it came out!!  I had to used red... because that is the sex color right?  Have you guys seen that History Channel show "How Sex Changed The World"?  Its very interesting.  Also, I am taking Human Sexuality during this summer mini-semester.  The class is interesting so far - our instructor seems quite knowledgeable and you can tell that she is excited about teaching and about the material.  Its likely that I will be sharing more about that class in future posts!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a nice weekend!

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