23 May 2013

Vacation Day 1

My mom came to FL to spend a week with me for our vacation this year.  She arrived on Friday evening and we started the fun stuff on Saturday.  We left Tallahassee and headed out to Wakulla Springs.  We made a quick stop at the flea market but the only that was purchased was a bracelet.  We went to Wakulla Springs to visit the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park.  Florida has a free lifetime state park pass for all disabled veterans!!  So, I got one of those and we got into the park for free.

We walked around a bit and explored and then we went on the river boat tour.  The tour is about 45 minutes long and the guide points out all of the wildlife in that area.  Sadly, a large majority of my pictures did not come out too well.  I did however get some good ones of the manatees - which is why we went to that park!!

I also got this show of mom under an arbor:

After the park, a picnic in the car (because it started to rain) we headed to a small town nearby and went into all the antique shops.  One of the stores we went into had this huge butterfly just hanging out next to the door:

After the antiques we came back home and rested for a while before we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner and then we saw The Big Wedding!  It was a nice day!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day spent with your Mom. Marvelous butterfly. xox