24 May 2013

Vacation Day 2 & 3

Hello friends!!  On our second day of vacation we drove to St. George Island and checked into our hotel, the St. George Inn.  We then went to the beach and later to dinner.  I did not take any pictures, so I decided to combine day 2 & 3 in the same post!!

Day 3 started with us going to the St. George Lighthouse and Museum.  We did the museum first - its basically a small cabin with 2 rooms, but it was interesting.  Then we climbed the light house!

Here are some pictures looking out from the top:

 I got a picture of mom as she was coming up the ladder:

 and here I am with the beach behind me:
 After the light house we walked around a little and went to the beach that afternoon.  Again, I did not take any pictures, but you will see the beach in tomorrows re-cap.

The island pretty much closes down at 6pm - other than dinning.  So we did a lot of relaxing in our room, taking advantage of the cable TV and we did some evening walks too.

Well friends that is all for now, come back soon and see my recap of day 4!


  1. is that beautiful or what, love to see happy pictures

  2. Rachel...great photos! Lighthouses are something we never see in the Ozarks :)