17 May 2013

Update and Postcards

Hi everyone!  I went on vacation last week so that is why I have been absent from posting for so long!  Did you guys experience issues with the loss of google reader?  By the time I figured out a new reader and got it set up (about 2 days ago) I had over 300 posts that I had missed.  I am really glad I have it where I can read my favorite blogs again!

A few important things have happened in the past few weeks!  I graduated from GFIT at our school gym - it stands for Group Fitness Instructor Training.  Also I auditioned to teach for the school and I got hired!  Then I passed my national certification test which I was very nervous about.  This week I started teaching.  I teach step, double impact (2 types of cardio in the same class), and body tone (weight lifting).  It was certainly a learning experience but I can tell this is going to be a job that I love.

Other news on the job front - I am now working at the Vet Center for VA Work Study.  Its pretty awesome.  Yesterday I got paid to make a visitor log and decorate the clip board that it was on!  I feel so lucky to be at this school and to have awesome jobs!!

Ok, enough with the words, right?  I wanted to show you the last of the postcards I received from the previous swap!  (I am pretty sure you have not seen these, but if so, oops!!)   First, this one came from Janetta:

She is also doing another swap that I am participating in - the Friendship Journal Swap.  So, if you want to look her up, she is Texanntx on instagram and her blog is  The journal swap pics can be found by searching for #FJSWAP.

My other card came from Sandra in England:

She even included some scrap pieces for me to use in my art!

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  1. congratulations,,,,and love the postcards, some very talented artists out there