20 May 2013

Getting Ready for Another Swap

I am sure you all know by now that I absolutely LOVE doing postcard swaps!  I am prepping for another one!  I make them by keeping all the cardboard packaging that my food comes in.

 Then I cut them down to size.

You end up with TONS of postcards if you do this.  Next you paint them!  Of course the designs might show through a bit but I think that is part of the awesomeness.  If you don't want that to happen you can gesso them.  I actually usually do a very thin coat of gesso just to make the colors show up brighter.

Here is one of the cards I made from this stack:

I love that her hands are covered in paint!! Perfect for an art card!

Come back tomorrow to see a few more cards that emerged from the above stack!  Have a great day.

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