02 May 2013

End of the Journal Swap

I've been leading an art journal swap for my art therapy classmates.  I started it because we needed a little push to do some self-care and make art more often.  Anyways, with the end of the semester, came the end of the swap.  Today I am sharing with you the pages I created in the last journal I had to play in.

This first one I created with both the journal owner and myself in mind:

I also did some doodling:

And a mandala:

And, if you saw the post from yesterday so read that at the end of group art therapy class we drew names and made certificates for each other.  I happened to draw the name of the girl whose journal I had.  So, I kept the slip of paper and directed the certificate I created - I was supposed to think about what I would look forward to from her if we were in a group together again.  So, anyways, I put that paper in her journal and wrote her a note about that topic.  I did not take a picture of it though - it was quite personal.

Hope you liked seeing all the pages!!  Come back tomorrow for a peak into some of the pages created in my journal during the swap!

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