19 September 2014

August 14th: Cardiff

I have to admit that I went to Cardiff for one reason.  That reason is The Doctor Who Experience.  Yes, truly.  So, that is the first thing I did and it was AWESOME!
Inside the TARDIS

Cyber Man

About to run away in the TARDIS
In a shop nearby, I found some GF Welsh Cakes - they were yummy!

After The Doctor Who Experience I took a river boat tour to Cardiff Castle.  The castle was very beautiful - despite the rain:

At the castle you can walk around the top of the outside wall and see the city from different angles - itts pretty neat.  Also from the top of that structure in the last picture you can get really good views too - if you are willing to climb for them!

After the castle I had a gluten free afternoon tea:

Then I went to a local vendor craft fair and I got some goodies for myself and a few special people!  For dinner I walked to a vegetarian restaurant recommended by the hostel staff - it was good and the staff knew how to help me as far as Gluten Free and recommendations on taste and portion sizes.  I had a super early flight the next morning (I had to get up at 4am!) so I went back to the hostel for the night after dinner.

Here is the journal page:

Come back tomorrow to read all about my first day in Ireland!

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