04 June 2013

I'm Receiving Postcards again!

I've started receiving postcards again from my most recent swap!!  So, I thought I would share a few with you today!!

The card on the top came from Penelope Harris in Vancouver, BC!  Her blog is!  She said she likes to use words that are all the same length so they can be placed in a grid - I thought about this a decided that its cool but would take me forever because my brain would probably refuse to figure it out.

The lower card came from Susan Adams in California!  Its made with fabric and the back is fabric too - I thought this was pretty cool.

My next card came from Marie Johansen in WA!
I like that little birdie by the eye!

I have received one more, for a total of 4 out of 10 (Yea for 6 more to go!)  The 4th card came from Sherry in AK:

The back said that scene is from her trip around the USA.  I am pretty sure that there was initially some sequins or rhinestones on the front of the card - but they did not make it through the mail.  That is all part of the mail art process though!

I LOVE doing these swaps.  I wish I could do more swaps but really don't have the time with school.  Maybe one day!

I hope you enjoyed seeing every one's lovely creations.  Thanks for stopping by today!  "See" ya tomorrow.

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