10 June 2013

Smashing Body

As I am sure is pretty common among other artists, especially those who art journal, I have MANY different books that I am journaling in all at once.  For instance, I have altered books, mixed medial books, and Smashbooks!  Today I wanted to show you 4 instances of Smashing that has taken place recently!!

First, I was happy about this:

Not a fancy page, but I wanted to document the accomplishment!!  It was done in a mini-smashbook.  I think they are cute - but they are small so if you like to glue into it, its sometimes hard to find things small enough to fit (at least it is for me!)

This next one is in a Snap Book... but really it seams to me that its the same thing as a Smashbook but with a different name.

 I just wanted to make sure I had this around for reference!!

Again, another workout page in the mini smashbook:
I was quite excited about starting my 2-a-days.  For those of you who do not know what that is, its typically a morning and an evening workout.  So... 2 workouts a day.  I've been doing 2-a-days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  My other days are typically only one workout, but I am contemplating adding some light cardio (perhaps walking) on Thursday so that would be another 2-a-day day!

Lastly, after all my working out I realized how much my body was doing for me and I made this page:

It is to remind myself how GREAT my body is because it works for me - it functions and allows me do things that make me happy and make me feel good.  It is to remind me to not be hard on myself if I don't look the way I feel that I should look - that's all based on societies norms anyways!  Its to remind myself that HEALTH is the most important thing.

I like working in smashbooks, but I quite often do not work 2D - I like texture and raised elements and those don't fit well into a mini-smash book because the spiral is small.

Along these same topics... reading in my Human Sexuality textbook about pregnancy and childbirth ,there was a section about pain and how it is subjective and can be managed and also about how medications can harm the baby.  It REALLY made me think about my own health and pain and medications.  It has got me thinking about how much medicine I take and wondering if there is a way to manage my pain better so that I could take less medication because it would be better for my own health.  Also it made me wonder how I would ever be able to handle having a baby - its something that I really need to bring up with a doctor!!

Its so interesting to me - how many things affect our health and how many of those things we do that we don't even realize can be harming us.  So, anyways the point is... I am going to make more of an effort to live better and I hope that you can do the same!!  Lets work towards better lives together!


  1. Fabulous post. Your "love your body" page is fantastic, I love it.

    Your blog is great, I am your new followe