01 June 2013

Table Re-do

After mom and I got back from our time at St. George, she had only 1 day left.  Saturday we drove up to Havana and spent the day looking around the shops!  We had lunch at the Tomato Cafe and we tried Tomato Pie which was something neither of us had ever heard of.

It was good.  Like a lasagna minus meat and noodles... just a lot of cheese and tomatoes baked in a pie crust.

We decided on turtle pie for dessert:


I purchased an antique table to put between my recliner and my couch:

I got it with the intention of painting it.  So, I did.  Here is a picture of the finished product:

Yes, it is sparkly pink paint on top of that table!!  I LOVE it!

While I was painting the table I also spent time working on the front yard.  I painted this "A" for my apartment:

Prior to this it was the exact same color as the wood and therefore impossible to see.  I painted this frog:

And the "yard" ended up looking like this:

It was a lot of hard work but I was happy with it when I was done!

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