29 June 2013

Weekend Class

This summer one of our classes is a weekend class.  There are 3 weekend workshops that we attend and write papers for and then we get 3 hours worth of credit for it!  We just had our first one which was about trauma.  Our speaker was Linda Gantt who taught us about Intensive Trauma Therapy (you can find out more here ).  I LOVED this because I have done at lot of research about trauma therapy since I hope to work with veterans and many veterans have experienced trauma, especially now that most people deploy multiple times while they serve!  Anyways, I have a few pictures to show you!!  First, a drawing of my happy place:

Its the beach - I LOVE the beach!!  This is used to help with grounding!!

We did more drawing, but they were trauma based and I used a real life experience (car accident) in mine so I am going to choose not to share them with you!

The second day of the workshop we did clay work!  So, our directive was to create 1) something that has a soothing texture and feels good in your hand, 2) a "clay scribble" or 3) self symbol.
I made the soothing one... I was working on the clay when I had a "this is finished" moment because I realized I liked how the clay was fitting into my hand, that the weight of it was relaxing... I called it my clay heart:

And I also made a "river rock" that would be good for rubbing my thumb on if I needed to self sooth:

I am not really a clay person - clay makes your fingernails break - but I can appreciate the therapeutic aspects of it for sure!

And, lastly - of course I had to doodle a bit here and there...

As you can tell, there was not a lot of doodling - that's because the class was very interesting and very hands on!  I am so glad we got to meet Linda and learn from her!!

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