28 June 2013

School Supplies

Who wants boring school supplies? Not me.  Today I am going to share with you a few items I have decorated so they would no longer be "blah!"  First, I turned this file fold into a these folder:

And then I decorated this folder for class:

And I made this love page to go in the front sleeve of my thesis folder:

And I decorated this moleskin notebook for thesis notes:

Do, you see a theme?  I have started thesis - last week actually.  I am SCARED of it... so the pretty supplies are my attempt to keep it somewhat light hearted and also to make it not so scary.   Hopefully it works.

Do you want to know what I am studying?  I am going to study art journaling with veterans and how it can help improve their mental and physical health!  Fun stuff!!  : )

Wish me luck - I will need it!

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