18 June 2013

Mailart Update!

Today is all about the mail art!  I've received several cards that I have not yet shared with you!! So here they are.  This one:
Was from Helen in New Zealand!  She gave me these websites: and  - go check out her pages!!

Another card came in an envelope with an extra piece of art journal paper:

It came from Jan in MO!  Jan did not give me any websites!!

Another car came from Tabitha:

She said she made that card with alternative photographic processes - "outcast" cyantotype printing. 

This card:

Came from Tracy in WA!  I really like it!!  Thanks Tracy!  

The last card I have to share with you came from Vae up in Vancouver:

Look at this cute, fake, stamp on the back:

Well friends, that is all for now!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing everyone's art!!  Have a great day.

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