27 June 2013

Pages in My Journal

At the end of the art therapy class art journal swap I got my journal back for a few days.  So, I wanted to share with you some of the artwork that was in it.  Be forewarned that some of these drawings were done during Human Sexuality class, therefore they are about sex!  Anyways, here we go:
Not sure who did this one! 

This one was done by Chelsea who said I inspired her to try some new mixed media stuff! 

This was done by Brittney

This one and the one below were done by Rupa.  

Rupa did a penis drawing in every journal!
This last one is my favorite:
Jaimie is the artists of this piece!  

My journal had plenty of pages left in it so I am using the same journal for the current swap that we started on the 2nd day of Therapeutic Use of Art Materials class.  The swap has 12 people - included one social work major!  Should be interesting.

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