22 July 2013

ICAD 13-15

More ICAD catchup photos!!!

13 July:
Over the summer one of our classes is 3 instances of 830-5pm class on a Friday and a Saturday.  Those classes are a bad way....they turn my brain to mush and I can't do anything else.  So, after our first one, Hillary and I decided that after the next one we would do a pizza and Dr. Who evening in order to relax and recover from the class.  It was a really way to end the day!

14 July:
As previously stated, I have been terribly stressed out lately due to thesis.  When I work out and it relieves all my stress (for a little while at least) I am always so surprised.  The 14th was one of those days where I went for a run and the rest of the day was better because of it!

15 July:
On the 15th I reached a point of extreme confusion in regards to my thesis... since thesis class was the following day I decided to take a break for the rest of the day and just do something not stress full.  So, I ran errands and made some art and watched TV.  It was AWESOME.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. These are fabulously colourful! It's always good to remind yourself to stop, play, and re-energise. So important.