04 July 2013

14-17 June ICAD Creations!

14 Jun ICAD:
We got out of class that day - an unexpected surprise.  Did I use the time wisely?  Not really!  I went to see a Now You See Me with 2 of my classmates.  I vegged out at home and then went to bed early.  Occasionally you have to take a break from productivity!

15 June ICAD:
Was not feeling to good that evening.

16 June ICAD:
Inspired by my quest to be the best me!

17 June ICAD:
I was wishing for some magic that day - I think I was wishing my homework was finished!

Well friends that is all for now!  We are so close to being caught up!


  1. Haha, I love your ICAD's they are filled with joy and hunor.