09 July 2013

Seattle Day 2

On the 2nd day of my trip to Seattle for the American Art Therapy Association's Annual Conference I took a mindfulness workshop!  We were silent and barefoot and mindful all day long.  It was quite enjoyable, however I could have done with about 2 hours less... 9-5 mindfulness is a LOT to take all at once, especially in a new city you want to explore!!   Anyways... we made a lot of art during the workshop, so here it is...

My original complete picture of me:
My first response piece:

My second response piece:

One of the exercises was mindful walking, and my art was:

Its my favorite piece that I created.

My final "complete picture of me"

I feel like I am better at noticing now - being more mindful!  Hopefully I can keep it up!!

My ICAD and travel journal pages were quite simple:

This is a pocket page... I only decorated the bottom so that I would be able to put things in that pocket if I want and still be able to see my journaling.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back tomorrow to see Day 3!!

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