03 July 2013

Therapeutic Use of Art Materials

One of our summer classes is called "Therapeutic Use of Art Materials."  It will teach us all about different art materials and how to use them during art therapy!  On the first day we did a scribble chase!  So, the instructions are for one person to draw and the other chases them.  After just a few seconds you switch.  After a few switches you both look at the drawing from all angles.  You identify what images you see - kind of like when you were a kid and you saw bunnies or faces or whatever else in the clouds.

My best nerd friend, Hillary, and I worked together on a scribble chase!  Here is our creation:

The lady's name is "Blendy" which amuses me.  Our discussion was about how she had 3 wonderful choices she could make: David Tennant, Matt Smith, or Benedict Cumberbatch!  See, we are nerds...geeks... whatever your word for it, we are it.

So, when I went home and did my ICAD, this is what emerged:

I thought - how terrible to have to make that choice - I want them all!!

Here is a picture of two other scribble chase drawings that were created during class so that you could see them, so here they are:

Hope you enjoyed the art!!  Have a great day!

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