13 July 2013

Seattle Day 5/6

My last day in Seattle was Saturday.  By chance my dad was in Seattle visiting one of his brothers so we met up and had french toast for breakfast:

Then we went on a tour of the Pike Place Market:

We visited the gum wall

Mallori and I added some gum to it loll
We had chowed from Pike Place Chowder - Mine was smoked salmon:

And then we had to part ways!  I was really happy that I got to spend some time with my dad!!

Later that day after conference was over, I went on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island!  Here are some photos from the trip:

Crab Risotto - it was AMAZING

Beautiful Mountain - this view was worth the entire ferry ride!
The day ended with a closing reception for the conference, but I did not take pictures at it - I was TIRED by that point.  Here is my journal page:

And a close up of the ICAD:

The next day I spent the entire day flying back home.  Nothing too interesting.  I made and ICAD about it though:

And that completes my trip recap!  I hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for stopping by.

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