15 July 2013

Mandala Magic!

Art therapists LOVE mandalas.  They are healing, meditative, circle drawings.  Of course I approach mandalas the same way I approach all art - NO RULES! Well with a mandala I have one... start in the middle and work outward, otherwise anyone else goes.  Anyways... semantics, right?  About 2 weeks ago my classmate and I made a group manadala in class:

Magical right?  Especially considering that 15 people made this mandala - in a cooperative fashion.  Of course we would never ask 15 clients to make a mandala together, but since we are a cohesive group our teacher left the directions up to us and we decided to do a free for all and just go for it!  I started that eye on the bottom left with the orange and blue swirls by it! 

Want some more magic?  I know you do!! 

iHanna featured a super cool app on her blog last week!  You can use it to create a mandala out of anything (the app calls it kaleidoscope but its a mandala).  I made a mandala of a mandala... makes your brain do crazy things to think of that, right?  Anywhere, here it is:

And... here are some directions for you to be able to have a magical mandala experience with your own photos:

1. Open up SumoPaint in your browser
2. Click the button “Open From Computer”, select an image from your photo folder and click to open it.
3. Click on “Filters” (in the menu inside the browser, just below your address bar). Hover your mouse over “Distort” and select “Kaleidoscope”! Then play with the settings there.
You can re-kaleidoscope the same picture for different results too!  A re-mandala of the mandala:

So, play and have fun.  I leave you with (I couldn't resist) a mandala of my hair:
Thanks for stopping by today!  Now, go off and have fun making mandala magic!! 

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  1. I love the mandalas you created. I have a kaleidoscope I just take out once in a while for the magic.