02 July 2013

Body Image ICAD

My ICAD on June 13th:
Ok, so I was very self-conscious about those turquoise pants... the lighting at home was not nearly as nice as it was at the tore where I bought them!  I probably had them for a 3 weeks before wearing them and I probably put them on 3 different time and looked in the mirror and changed my mind.

There are many reasons I wanted to overcome this... Human Sexuality Class has made me realize that we are all too hard on ourselves and that there is a tendency to try and force ourselves into other people's ideas instead of accepting ourselves the way we are.  Also, as a fitness instructor (and future art therapist!) I absolutely want the people I work with to value their bodies and workout because it feels good and brings them joy - not because they want to be "skinny" or "thin" or "look hot."  So, if I want my students/clients to feel this way, shouldn't I practice what I "preach?"

So.. I took those pants to the gym and tried them on in the locker room as suggested by my friend and classmate Hillary (who also attends all my fitness classes because she is super supportive!) and my classmate Brittney happened to be there so I asked her opinion.  She said they looked great... so I went to the classroom where I teach and checked myself out - and I looked fine!!

Lesson Learned: Wear the damn pants!  Don't be so critical of yourself.  Think of how you view and treat others, and be at least that nice to yourself!

Lastly, I want to tell you what my Human Sexuality teacher said one class.  She said that we see everyone else in 3D, but we can only see ourselves in 2D (photos, mirrors) - we look FLAT because we are looking at ourselves in 2D whereas other people recede into the distance (3D) so they look different.

So, I hope you can learn from this and be a little bit nicer to yourself!!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!!

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  1. Darlin' that just makes the best Mantra!! Your art is so wonderful, all the activities you are involved with. You are BLOOMING!!!