29 January 2013

Beautiful Girl

As part of my training at my new job I spent one day following/observing the speech therapist!  I think I mentioned that last week, but I did not show you this art journal page that I made in response to my time with the speech therapist.  Here it is:

I put the running girl there because that my time with the speech therapist taught me is how interconnected everything is!  Your brain, your muscles, etc.  You need to be physical and mentally healthy.  Seeing patients that need so much help made me think how tough it must be for them mentally - they were once independent and doing everything on their own and now they need so much assistance.  It is easy for me to relate because of how I felt after my hip surgery.  I am very glad that my internship site is one that has a multidisciplinary approach because I can see how important it is to treat every aspect of a person!!

We are supposed to keep a visual journal as part of our practicum class - the one where we go and discuss any issues/triumphs that we have at our internship.  So, when appropriate, I will share my entries with you!!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

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  1. What a wonderful idea to keep a visual journal for your internship ~ Very creative and well done ~

    Carol of : A Creative Harbor ^_^