16 January 2013

SVA Conference Day 4

The last day of the conference was a "Day of Fun."  Until a few day before we left, that was all we knew.  It turned out that Universal Studios gave us all free tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!  I was absolutely pumped!  Just like 2 days before, when it was my first time to ever visit Disney, this was my first time to go to Universal!

I am a big kid and thankfully I had several other people in my group that are big kids too!  We had a blast!!!  Here are the pictures:

First thing in the morning!  
All of the conference attendees that went to Universal... can you see me?  (hint: on the left!)  Source

Woody Woodpecker
Harry Potter Castle

Drinking Butterbeer waiting for Hogwarts Express

Back to the Future - no kids around this guy & it was kinda sad that they didn't know him! 

outside of Atlantis

Super Awesome Pink Car

Final Group Photo before leaving! 

It was an awesome day.  I LOVED it.  I was completely exhausted after we left too!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pics!!  Have a great day.

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