10 January 2013

Marvel Day 3

I am REALLY enjoying Kelly's class!  Today I wanted to share the piece I made for the third prompt in the class.  I actually did some of the collage on the 2nd day since I was taking my art journal with me on a weekend trip.  Then, the next day I got a migraine so I didn't work on it at all.  I finished it on the 4th of January.  Here it is:

I like how it turned out!!  It's intended to reflect how sometimes I allow myself to do whatever my hear desires and to be truly free, and someones I am more restrained and I hold back.  I need to be free more often!!

My weekend trip and migraine threw off my plan to stay on track with doing each collage for the day of class that the prompt is given.  Also now that school has started, today will be day number 3 that I have not even attempted to do any art journaling.  Yikes!  Its day 8 and I am only done with day 5!  Oh well.  I am hoping that this weekend I will catch up!  Wish me luck!!

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