21 January 2013

Marvel Day 8 & Internship Site

I really did got in a different direction than the worksheet on this particular day.  I started off going along with the worksheet but when I got to the journaling part I just wanted to glue down appropriate cut outs out of magazines... so that's what I did.

The thing I love most about art journaling is that there are no rules - no right or wrong.  Its absolutely freeing to think of your art like that!  It makes it much more enjoyable.

I am really hoping that I can get this across to my clients this semester!  Speaking of my clients, I wanted to share what I will be doing.  I am working as an Art Therapy Intern at a local rehab hospital.  I am very excited about this.  I get to work with patients that are there to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy.  Patients may have had surgery or been in an car accident. Also some patients may have suffered from a stroke or be dealing with dementia or Parkinson's disease.    Its exciting to me to be in this setting because it mirrors a lot of things I would be doing while working in a VA Hospital which is my goal after graduation!  Friday I shadowed a speech therapist and got to see her treat and evaluate patients.  I learned so much and I am super excited to start working one on one with patients!  So, while I cannot share patient information or artwork with you I will try to keep you somewhat informed about things that I learn/experience - those things that I am able to share without violating patient privacy!

Well friends, that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed the art and the intro to my internship site!  Thanks for visiting.  "See" you soon!!  

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