14 January 2013

Marvel Day 5

I found a picture a long time ago that I really liked and knew that I would use someday in some piece of art, but it took me quite a while to actually use it.  I think I had this picture for at least a year, but probably around two years.  I finally got to use it for the 5th day of my online class!!  So, here is the finished art journal page:

I love the page, not my own handwriting at the bottom so much but the rest of it I adore.  Overall I am happy with it.  I realize that things wont always some out as I desire - that is part of the process.  I just move on - its better to not get hung up on it because then art making wont be as enjoyable!


  1. love your journal page - including your writing at the bottom. :-) And those 3 butterflies, perfectly positioned there at the top. And her lovely long gloves... yup. Love collages too. Happy to "meet" you! xox

  2. Love the pose and the coloring as well as the graphic of her gloves!