17 January 2013

Marvel Day 6

Initially my plan in taking Kelly Kilmer's online class, Marvel: Your Precious Life, was to do a prompt a day!  She sends you one worksheet a day, so I was going to try to stick with that.  Then life happened, so while this art journal piece was done in response to the day 6 worksheet, I did it on day 9 I think!  So, just know that from now on.. the day refers to the worksheet number, not necessarily when I did them!

Anyways, onto the art because that's what you want to see, right?

I am happy that this class is getting me to do different things that what I typically do!  Its good to change things up sometimes!!

Well friends, that is all I have for you, for now.  I hope to "see" you again soon!

1 comment:

  1. Love this! I started one for prompt 5, but messed it up, so I set it aside.