27 January 2013

Liberate Your Art!!!

Hi!  I'm writing a special weekend post to let you know about the 2013 Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap.

I think this is the third year that I have done this swap!  Its great because you get art from all over the world!!!

You make 5 postcards and send them in to Kat, the lovely woman in charge of this swap, so that she receives them no later than 6 April.  You will receive 6 postcards in return!

If you want more information - or to sign up! - go to the swap page.  The page also shows a video that shows one postcard from each of last years participants.  My postcard is shown at the 5:00 mark.

Also, go check out Kat's blog, Kat Eye Studio!

That is it for now friends!  Thanks for stopping by, "see" you soon.

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