25 January 2013

Group Contract Collage

One our of classes this semester is about group therapy.  We are learning how to lead groups!  On our first day of class we had a discussion and then we had our own experiential group - class will be like this for the rest of the semester.  During our experiential (essentially us being members of a group for learning purposes) we talked about group rules (such as confidentiality) and what we wanted to get out of taking part in the group.  Then we each made a collage to represent what we wanted to get out of the group - our group contract.  Here is mine:

I made this because I feel like I am still kinda straddling the line between military and civilian culture.  Not surprising since I was in the military for 10.5 years  - when you are used to a certain culture for that long it is hard to change and go into a completely different culture.  So, my contract collage represents my desire to learn more about how my behaviors/actions are interpreted by the others in my class - my cohort, civilian ladies.   Hopefully the group experience can help me with this!

So far I find it very interesting to learn about groups.  I've been a member of a group for all of my life! Consider these groups: band, flag line, sorority, volleyball, clubs, the military, the collegiate veterans association, the FSU Art Therapy Association, etc.  Lots of group experience for me to look back on and give meaning to the things we are learning.

Anyways, I will continue to share art from group class with you throughout the semester!  Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day.

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