02 January 2013

FW Museum of Science and History

This past Sunday my parents and I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and we saw the Titanic exhibit. No pictures were allowed there either. It was pretty cool, but the cost to see it is $26. Inside you get to see how the ship was built, what the inside of the ship looked like, dishes and furnishings, personal belongings of the passengers, etc.  You even get to touch a real iceberg!  At the start they give you a boarding pass:

It lists your name and information. The information is that of a real passenger on the boat. At the end you scan the list of names and see if your person survived or not. 

I was a 15 year old girl from Lebanon who had been married for 50 days. The girl survived but her husband did not. My mom's person survived. My dad was the preacher who stayed on the boat leading people in prayer as the boat sank. He did not survive. Overall this is an informative and interesting exhibit and if you are able to go see it, I recommend it.

After we finished the Titanic exhibit, we went through the cowboy area.

This area was pretty neat.  You get to learn about brands, barbed wire, cattle, railroads, etc. 

I really enjoyed our time at the Museum, but it was a lot of walking and standing so by the time we left we were all exhausted.  We came home and had dinner and then went to see Les Miserables.  I liked the movie.  I cried.  It was VERY long.  If you have any desire to see it, I think you should!! 

Lastly, I wanted to show you the journal page I created about the Titanic exhibit:

Its nothing too fancy since I was traveling.

That's all for now, friends.  Have a great day!  See you tomorrow!!

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