31 January 2013

Holding Tight To

Hey there!  "Holding Tight To..." was the prompt for this art journal page:

I hold to art because it keeps me sane!  It helps me de-stress and when I have something that is upsetting to me I get it out in my journal and I feel better.  I actually was doing very good at the time I made this, but it reflects those times when I am not doing so great.  Its quite different from the type of journaling I normally do, but I like it!  those blue cutout shapes were part of the prompt too.  My first attempt did not turn out how I anticipated so now I have other cutouts on my desk... I don't want to waste them so I am trying to figure out how to use them!!

Well friends that is all for now.  Hope you are doing good!  "See" you soon!!


  1. Really great depiction of how I've been feeling lately, too. Thanks for the inspiration!